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  • Image of Tom

    I’ve been diagnosed with CVI & the Dr told me nothing would help for the achy legs, etc and to wear compression socks for the next 3 months until I can go back for the in office procedure. I decided to try the BLOOD CIRCULATION SUPPLEMENTS. I’ve been on them for over a week & it’s actually helping with my achy, heavy feeling legs. I still have swelling in my ankles but over all the pain as subsided. I take 3 a day. - Tom

  • Image of Sarah Johnson

    I had previously been using the same multivitamins for over 5 years and just wasn’t feeling any different. It is a huge plus that this multivitamin is made with good ingredients and essential fruits and veggies that my body needs. So far this multivitamin has been excellent and I could feel a difference in just 3 weeks. My energy levels have increased and I can definitely feel a positive improvement in my overall health and alertness. Excellent seller. - Sarah Johnson

  • Image of Nicole

    CLINICAL DAILY Cinnamon Capsules: excellent product for anyone having issues with blood flow. The ingredients contained in this formula don't take long to work and feel the change in your daily activities. Excellent product for the young as well as the season persons. - Nicole